The website will be definitively closed on September 9th 2023. As part of the website closure, all data will be deleted. We recommend you to retrieve all the relevant data prior to the closure. To be able to continue using your Sensit please follow the procedure:

For any questions related to data privacy, please liaise with For any questions related to Sigfox Connectivity extension for your Sensit, please contact your local Sigfox Operator.

Sens'it Discovery

Your IoT experience starts here.

Get a Sens'it

A unique IoT experience

Watch Sens'it in action

Connect your surroundings in no time

The power of an end-to-end solution, using Sigfox connectivity.

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5 modes to match your needs

Switching modes is as simple as pressing a button.

Temperature and Humidity monitoring

The Sens'it periodically sends both ambient temperature and humidity.

Light monitoring

The Sens'it periodically sends ambient brightness.

Magnet detection

The Sens'it sends data every time a magnet is detected close to - or removed from - its side.


Door opening detection

Once the Sens'it is affixed to a door - or drawer - it sends data every time the door is opened or closed.

Vibration detection

The Sens'it sends data every time the accelerometer detects a motion.

Access all your data wherever you are

Sens'it Discovery comes with a fully-featured application for both your browser and your phone.

  • See real-time feeds of your data.
  • Configure your Sens'it directly from the app.
  • Be alerted by email, SMS, and push notifications.
  • Manage multiple Sens'its in one place.
  • Check your Sigfox coverage.
  • and much more!

Sens'it  for Developers

Sens'it can be used as a devkit.
Whether you are a digital or embedded software developer,
or simply curious about IoT and Sigfox,
you will find all the information you need
on Sigfox Build.

Visit Sigfox Build

Build your solution with Sens'it Generic

The Sens'it device is available for white-labeling.
Add your firmware and customize the front panel
to make your own solution on this off‑the‑shelf,
powerful and certified device.

For more information, contact us.

Visit Sens'it Generic