Sens'it 3 Device

Six sensors, one button, so many possibilities.

Sens'it 3 is an electronic object with several sensors and the ability to communicate on the Sigfox network. This off‑the‑shelf device can be customized for many IoT use cases.

sensit exploded view

Sens'it, third of its name

The latest generation of the Sens'it family

sensit evolution

Sens'it 3 includes several sensors, a Sigfox modem and a battery, in a dedicated housing.

Available for each Sigfox Radio Configuration, the device is already certified for several countries or regions (CE, FCC, ARIB, Australia, Singapore, and more to come).

Sens'it 3 is perfectly suited for anyone who wants to start with the IoT :

As an end-to-end solution with Sens'it Discovery
As a devkit, thanks to the Sens'it SDK.
In batches for roll-outs of custom solutions with Sens'it Generic by Altyor (more information soon)

The core of Sens'it is its PCB with its custom radio design. This single hardware design is then adapted with the embedded software to define the Radio Configuration for the various Sens'it Models.

Inside Sens'it 3

All the magic you need on a single board

Custom antenna

Great performance for all Radio Configurations

250mAh battery

Enough for several months of lifetime
(depending on the use case)

Micro‑USB port

Recharge the device and dump firmware

circuit board

Central RGB LED

Improves user experience

STM32 micro‑controller

Controls the device

TI CC1125 radio transceiver

The core of the unique multi‑RCs RF design

Download Sens'it 3 Datasheet

All the major sensors you need

With a button and 6 different sensors, the device can be used for many use cases.







reed switch

Reed switch







A completely new Housing

Sens'it 3 performance and possibilities are enhanced thanks to new housing features.

Optimal sensor accuracy
Soft button
Water resistant
Customisable lexan

Sens'it  for Developers

Sens'it can be used as a devkit.
Whether you are a digital or embedded software developer,
or simply curious about the IOT and Sigfox,
you will find all the information you need.

Visit Sigfox Build

Build your solution with Sens'it Generic

The Sens'it device is available for white labeling.
Add the firmware and customize the front panel
to make your own solution on this off‑the‑shelf,
powerful and certified device.

For more information, contact us.

Visit Sens'it Generic