How can I sign up to sensit.io?

Your sensit.io account is tied to at least one Sens'it device. That is why you must activate a first device in order to create your account.

How can I activate a Sens'it?

Clicking the "Activate my Sens'it" on the front page takes you to the activation process. Follow the steps, which include indicating your location and clicking on your Sens'it's button. At the end of the process, you will have access to your dashboard.

Note: You must have your Sens'it at hand during the process; it is not enough to only have its ID.

Is my Sens'it v2 compatible with the new sensit.io?

Yes, it is. If you had already activated your Sens'it on the v2 platform, you need to re-activate it on the new version.
Click the "Activate my Sens'it" button on the front page and follow the steps of the process.

Is my Sens'it v1 compatible with the new sensit.io?

No, the Sens'it v1 is not supported by the new platform.
You can still activate your v1 device on the v2 website.

Will there be an update for the iOS/Android app?

The Sens’it 3 app is currently in final development for both iOS and Android systems. It will be available soon.

Can I register more than one Sens'it on my account?

We built the new sensit.io dashboard to allow the addition of as many Sens'it devices as you want to your account.

I get the "Your Sens'it ID is not correct or already registered" error message when activating my Sens'it. What can I do?

If you know who owns the registered Sens'it with that same ID, you must contact the owner and ask them to delete their account. To do so, they must log in and go to "My Sens'it details", then click "Delete my Sens'it".
If you do not know who owns that other Sens'it, please contact us with the ID of your Sens'it.

I get the "Not usable on the new web app" error message when activating my Sens'it v2. What can I do?

This means that your Sens'it is part of a batch that has not yet been migrated to the platform. Please bear with us and try again later.
You can still access your data on the v2 website.

I get the "Not usable on the new web app" error message when activating my Sens'it v3. What can I do?

Only Sens'it 3 devices used as part of the Sens'it Discovery solution can be activated on the new sensit.io.
Non-Discovery Sens'it 3 devices must rely on a third-party solution.
Contact your device provider. If you own a Sens’it Discovery 3 and activation doesn't work, please contact us with the ID of your Sens'it.