The website will be definitively closed on September 9th 2023. As part of the website closure, all data will be deleted. We recommend you to retrieve all the relevant data prior to the closure. To be able to continue using your Sensit please follow the procedure:

For any questions related to data privacy, please liaise with For any questions related to Sigfox Connectivity extension for your Sensit, please contact your local Sigfox Operator.


1. About the Sens'it device

What is the difference between Sens'it 2 and Sens'it 3?

Sens’it 1  Sens’it 2 Sens’it 3 
One mode per sensor + “all sensors” mode. More modes, double press to trigger message, downlink request. Better button experience. Door-opening mode calibration.
Temperature & humidity, accelerometer, sonometer. Thermometer & hygrometer, lux meter, accelerometer, magnetometer, reed switch. Same as v2.
Radio chipset
TI CC1120 TI CC1125 Same as v2.
Helical. Custom. Same as v2.
Customizable firmware
No. Yes. Yes, with SDK.
Off-the-shelf Takashi enclosure. Same as v1. Custom Altyor enclosure. New button. Water-resistant (IP54).

What is the size and weight of Sens'it 3?

Sens'it 3 weighs 110 grams (3.88 ounces). Its size in centimeters is 8 * 11 * 3.5 (which in inches is 3.14 * 4.33 * 1.37).

Can I use Sens'it to check for Sigfox coverage?

You can! Double-press the button and check that your Discovery app has received data, in the Timeline or on the device's logs.
You can also see the signal level in the "Sens'it details" section of your dashboard.

What are the end-product certificates of Sens'it 3?


Sigfox Certification

Sens'it 2.x


Sens'it 3.1


Sens'it 3.2


Sens'it 3.3


Sens'it 3.4


How long is the battery life per charge?

It all depends on the mode, the data emission period. For instance, in the temperature mode: 3 weeks of battery life if messages are sent every 10 minutes, 3 months if they are sent every hour.

Does Sens'it 3 provide GPS location tracking?


2. About the website

How can I sign up to

Your account is tied to at least one Sens'it device. That is why you must activate a first device in order to create your account.

How can I activate a Sens'it?

Clicking the "Activate my Sens'it" on the front page takes you to the activation process. Follow the steps, which include indicating your location and clicking on your Sens'it's button. At the end of the process, you will have access to your dashboard.

Note: You must have your Sens'it at hand during the process; it is not enough to only have its ID.

Is Sens'it 2 compatible with the new

Yes, it is. If you had already activated your Sens'it on the v2 platform, you need to re-activate it on the new version.
Click the "Activate my Sens'it" button on the front page and follow the steps of the process.

Is Sens'it 1 compatible with the new

No, the Sens'it 1 is not supported by the new platform.
Contact us for more information.

Can I register more than one Sens'it on my account?

Yes you can! We built the new dashboard to allow up to 100 Sens'it devices on your account.

3. About the Sens'it mobile app

Where can I download the Sens'it 3 app?

The Sens'it 3 app is available right now for both iOS and Android. Download them from the regular app stores.

The Sens'it 2 app opens on a video which I cannot close. How can I fix this?

The old Sens'it app was written by a partner, and points directly to the website (it is not a native app). Because the website has been reworked for the Sens'it 3, the Sens'it 2 app now displays partial content, which often means that you only see the Sens'it 3 video.
The best thing you can do is to delete the current app, and download the new one from your usual app store.

4. About error messages

I get the "Your Sens'it ID is not correct or already registered" error message when activating my Sens'it. What can I do?

If you know who owns the registered Sens'it with that same ID, you must contact the owner and ask them to delete their account. To do so, they must log in and go to "My Sens'it details", then click "Delete my Sens'it".
If you do not know who owns that other Sens'it, please contact us with the ID of your Sens'it.

I get the "Not usable on the new web app" error message when activating my Sens'it 2. What can I do?

This means that your Sens'it is part of a batch that has not yet been migrated to the platform. Please bear with us and try again later.

I get the "Not usable on the new web app" error message when activating my Sens'it 3. What can I do?

Only Sens'it 3 devices obtained through the Sens'it Discovery solution can be activated on the new
Non-Discovery Sens'it 3 devices must rely on a third-party solution.
Contact your device provider. If you own a Sens'it Discovery 3 and activation doesn't work, please contact us with the ID of your Sens'it.

5. Technical questions

Is there a Sens'it SDK available?

Yes, version of the Sens'it 3 SDK can be found on the Sens'it for developers page.

When will the SDK v2 be available?

Version 2 of the Sens'it 3 SDK will be available in Summer of 2018.

How can I create my own Sens'it firmware?

The needed information is on the "Sens'it for developers" page.

Where can I get programming examples for the SDK?

Sample files in C are available in the archive of the SDK v2 for Sens'it 3.

How to return the Sens'it 3 firmware to its factory setting?

The ability to return the firmware to its original form was added as a feature in the SDK v2 for Sens'it 3, released in Summer of 2018. Read the doc!

Is there a API available?

No, but you can get the data thanks to webhook triggered as notifications.

My dashboard has not shown any new data for my Sens'it in the last few days. What can I do?

Your Sens'it connectivity contract may have expired. You should contact your local Sigfox Operator.

6. Business questions

How can I buy a Sens'it 3?

It all depends on needed quantity. For a handful of devices, distributors such as Digikey, Yadom or Mouser are great.
If you need more than a dozen devices, contact the Sens'it team directly.

What is the difference between Sens'it Discovery and Sens'it Generic?

Sens'it Discovery features the Sens'it 3 device together with Sigfox connectivity subscription and access to the app. You cannot customize its firmware nor its design.
Sens'it Generic only features the Sens'it 3 device, without Sigfox subscription nor access to -- you can buy connectivity yourself and build your own dashboard. You can use your own firmware (built with the Sens'it 3 SDK) and/or customize the casing to your liking.

How much does Sens'it Discovery cost?

Distributors set their own price ranges. Please see the Digikey or Yadom websites for a rough idea.

How much does the standalone Sens'it device cost?

Altyor, our partner, sells a standalone Sens'it 3 device (with no connectivity subscription nor access). Contact them to get a price tag.

Can I get a Sens'it for free?

We sometimes provide free Sens'its for promotional events or developer sessions.