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Build your own Sens'it-based solution.

A great hardware for your custom needs.

  • A fully-featured hardware, with an SDK providing full access to it.
  • A radio design that works anywhere there is Sigfox coverage, and compatible with all current and upcoming Sigfox services.
  • No licencing, only BOM and manufacturing costs.
  • Sigfox ReadyTM certified for all radio configurations.
  • Already CE, FCC, ARIB, Australia and Singapore certified, and more to come. If your local certification is not available yet, we can include it for free (1).

(1) New type approval included for free for an order of 300 devices or more.

Build your custom firmware using the Sens'it SDK

The SDK gives full access to the Sens'it sensors and hardware.

You can register any Sens'it as a DevKit on Sigfox Buy, providing you with a Sigfox Cloud account to access all the messages sent by your device.

Download the SDK and learn about developing for Sigfox on Sigfox Build.

Choose or make your platform

Your solution should provide a custom platform for your end-users, displaying the data sent by the device.

The Sigfox Cloud will push the messages it receives from the devices to your platform using callbacks. Read more about Sigfox Cloud and callbacks on Sigfox Build.

Not a platform developer? Sigfox has many partners who provide IoT platforms for many use-cases. Check them out on the Sigfox Partner Network.

Customize your Sens'it

The polycarbonate Lexan™ of the Sens'it offers great UV and friction resistance, and ensures water resistance while letting light go through for the lux meter and the LEDs.

This makes it suitable for your use case, and for highlighting your branding.

Altyor manufactures your batch

Altyor is our manufacturing partner, based in France, with assembly lines in Shangai.

They will produce your custom-designed batch of Sens'it and pre-load it with your firmware.

Altyor can also provide more customization services, such as packaging design and manufacturing, and can add accessories to your devices.

Connect your solution

Your local Sigfox Operator is the exclusive Sigfox connectivity distributor in your country, and will help you choose the right plan for your needs.

For small volumes (< 1000), you can also get your subscriptions directly online on

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Get your turnkey Sens'it solution

The Sens'it Discovery offers an end-to-end solution.
It includes the Sens'it 3 device, Sigfox connectivity
and the brand new web & mobile application,
to discover the full power of IoT.

Visit Sens'it Discovery

Sens'it  for Developers

Sens'it can be used as a devkit.
Whether you are a digital or embedded software developer,
or simply curious about IoT and Sigfox,
you will find all the information you need
on Sigfox Build.

Visit Sigfox Build